Welcome Remark of The Dean

Ir. Faisal Hadi., S.T., M.T
Dean of Faculty of Engineering, University of Bengkulu

All praise be to Allah SWT for all His mercy and blessings so that we can provide brief information through the website of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Bengkulu (UNIB). We hope to be able to provide information to the general public about the Faculty of Engineering, at Bengkulu University.

The Faculty of Engineering is the only Faculty of Engineering at a State University in Bengkulu Province.  The Faculty of Engineering is one of the faculties among the 8 faculties owned by Bengkulu University. Today the Faculty of Engineering has been 18 years old, since its establishment in 2003. Throughout the period of the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering, we have always developed ourselves both in terms of facilities, resources, and work. We participate and always try to channel knowledge in the field of engineering and engineering, especially in Bengkulu Province. Unib Faculty of Engineering has 6 Study Programs (Prodi), namely Informatics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture, and Information Systems.  The five study programs have been accredited by BAN PT with predicate B except for the Information Systems Study Program which is in the process of accreditation. This faculty has a total of 65 lecturers and around 2,000 students who are actively studying. With these limited resources we remain committed to maintaining quality and integrity to excel at the national and international levels.

The Faculty of Engineering is determined to implement the Tri Dharma of Higher Education to produce professional graduates in the field of Engineering. Being a campus that produces quality graduates and can adapt to the development of science and technology and can compete in the international arena is the main goal of the Faculty of Engineering, Bengkulu University. It is undeniable that achieving this goal requires efforts and close cooperation from all academics of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Bengkulu.

Thus a word from us, hopefully, the Faculty of Engineering can be more advanced and can increase cooperation with the community, government, industry, and other stakeholders for the purpose of educating the nation’s children and advancing the country.