University of Bengkulu continues to be committed to implementing the Tridharma of Higher Education. Especially in this case the Learning Development Center, Quality Assurance Institute and Learning Development (LPMPP). Focus on improving the education sector. Field Education, especially in learning at University of Bengkulu, is continuously improved quality. In order to achieve academic quality and general competence of lecturers as educators at the University, each study program curriculum has set and implemented courses in lesson planning, learning process, and learning evaluation, both in odd semesters or even every year.

General policy of education, especially in the learning process at Bengkulu University implemented to help students establish their personality so that they are consistently able to realize the basic values ​​of religion, culture, a sense of nationality and love for the homeland in mastering, applying and developing science, technology and art, possessing other soft skills, as well as having a professional and independent spirit with a sense of responsibility answer.

One important thing that supports the achievement of the policy vision is the quality of learning which is supported by the competence of lecturers and services and facilities in the study room. monitoring and
important evaluation is carried out on these important elements, namely the performance of lecturers and service performance support at the unit level where the learning process is held.

The learning evaluation process for the Even Semester of the 2020/2021 Academic Year, by means of students fill out the evaluation sheet online through the application. To that end, this report contains the results of a survey on the learning process. Details of the results of this monitoring and evaluation in full included in the appendix.

Download the SIEPEL report below