Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Engineering

The strategic objectives/programs/activities in the FT UNIB strategic plan 2016 – 2020 are grouped as follows:

  1. Producing graduates who are skilled, innovative, creative, and able to compete in the job market.
  2. Producing a quality learning system so that it is recognized internationally, in terms of curriculum, and graduates of each study program.
  3. Increasing educators who actively contribute to scientific development at the national and ASEAN levels.
  4. Creating integrated, accountable, efficient, transparent, and equitable organizational governance.
  5. Widespread access to education so that it is recognized nationally and ASEAN
  6. Producing superior research products in the form of scientific papers published in reputable national and international journals and has Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  7. Producing cooperation with parties (stakeholders) both at the local, national, and ASEAN levels.
  8. Laboratory facilities that meet engineering learning standards and can support research and community service.
  9. Producing innovative technology to support community productivity.