Management Review Meeting is a meeting held by management Faculty of Engineering (FT) UNIB periodically at least once a year. RTM aims to reviewing the performance of the quality management system, service performance or the efforts of FT UNIB in order to ensure the continuity, suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the quality management system and service system.

The implementation of the Management Review Meeting (RTM) is based on:

  1. Letter No. 661/UN30.16/PJ/2021 regarding notification of revised schedule of AMI activities 2021.
  2. Rector’s Decree No. 1639/UN30/HK/2021 regarding the appointment of the Quality Auditor Team Internal Affairs (AMI) Bengkulu University 2021.
  3. Letter No. 701/UN30.16/EP/2021 regarding the schedule for the implementation of the Faculty’s RTM.

    Management Review Meeting is held in order to review the management system quality that has been carried out at the Faculty of Engineering, Bengkulu University in the context of ensure the continued suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of quality management.
    The review is intended to see if there are opportunities for improvement or there is a need for changes to the quality management system. On the meeting agenda management review addresses issues that have the same potential to recur and requires an urgent solution to find a solution immediately.
    Discussions in RTM include: the results of the Internal Quality Audit (AMI), feedback users, process performance and achievement of quality objectives, status of corrective actions and preventive actions, follow-up to past management reviews, changes made can affect the quality assurance system, and plan activities for development quality.

Download the RTM report below