BAN-PT Accredited Study Program

The Faculty of Engineering has six study programs, five of which have been accredited B by BAN-PT. The five study programs are the Informatics Study Program (B), Civil Engineering Study Program (B), Mechanical Engineering Study Program (B), Electrical Engineering Study Program (B), Architecture Study Program (B). The Information Systems Study Program is in the process of field assessment for accreditation by BAN-PT.

ICT-Based Learning

The Faculty of Engineering, Bengkulu University is able to adapt to the times. It is proven by the application of information and communication technology in the learning process. The Bengkulu University Faculty of Engineering classrooms have been equipped with projectors, LCDs, SmartTVs, free Internet access, and online-based attendance (

Facilities and infrastructure

Building infrastructure that is already available and managed by the Faculty of Engineering, Bengkulu University, consists of 1 Dean Building, 2 Laboratory Buildings, and 1 Joint Lecture Building. As a support for lecture activities, the Faculty of Engineering, Bengkulu University has also been supported by a number of the latest laboratory equipment found in the laboratories of each study program, and is equipped with an Academic information system to facilitate the lecture and administration process for students of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Bengkulu.

Wide Open Job Opportunity

One of the things that prospective students consider when choosing a college major is, “the availability of future jobs”. The sciences studied at the Faculty of Engineering and their application are very broad, so the industry choices are also very wide, starting from information and communication technology, electricity, machinery, to infrastructure. Not to mention that engineering graduates are usually sought after by large companies ranging from electricity companies, communications to technology. So as long as the world continues to move forward and the development of development, industry and technology will never stop, the world will always need engineering professionals.