The Department of Information Systems is our pride!

The Department of Information Systems became the pioneer of Bengkulu’s progress


Coordinator of the Department of Information System

Since its establishment in 2017, the Information System study program at, the Faculty of Engineering, at the University of Bengkulu has continued to strive to carry out learning activities for prospective Information Systems, research and development related to Information System, planning, and policy development as well as community service. This is an effort to create graduates who are reliable, creative, innovative, and can survive in the era of disruption.

With the establishment of the Information department, the Faculty of Engineering, Bengkulu University became part of the ideals and spirit of Bengkulu University to preserve and build the Technology of Bengkulu and Indonesian Information Technology.

The development of Information Systems in Bengkulu & Indonesia cannot be separated from the participation of alumni, whether as practitioners, academics, or others. The challenge of Information System today is not only to The future challenge for the world is to face technology that is rapidly advancing in its advancements

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How do I Know if I have What it takes to be an Information Systems?

  1. Producing graduates who have competence in the field of Information Systems, have an entrepreneurial spirit, have competitiveness, so as to be able to cooperate and contribute at the national and international levels, through a curriculum prepared by considering the Information System curriculum model at the national and international levels
  2. Running the education system with quality assurance control
  3. Carry out quality research and uphold the values of professional ethics
  4. Play an active role in community empowerment and community intelligence efforts through community service activities
  5. Meningkatkan kontribusi dan kolaborasi dengan berbagai pihak dalam masyarakat dengan mengembangkan produk dan layanan hasil inovasi dan kreasi dalam bidang Sistem Informasi
  6. Encouraging the resulting resources to be able to achieve professional certification in the field of Information Systems

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