Learning Objectives

The civil engineering study program was established by a Decision Letter of the General Directorate of Higher Education No. 2294/D/T/ 2003 dated 5 September 2003. The program was accredited B by Indonesian Higher Education National Accreditation Body from 22 April 2021 to 22 April 2026. Initially, the study program was under the Engineering Program University of Bengkulu. In 17 December 2007, the engineering program transformed into the Engineering Faculty of University of Bengkulu.

Graduate Profile

The Bachelor in Civil Engineering Study Program produces graduates who have high civil engineering competencies; can apply their knowledges and skills in civil engineering applications; have high personality integrity, and; are responsive to needs, changes, and advances in science and technology that are adaptive to the environment.

Laboratory Services

Civil engineering laboratories have the latest equipment to perform services for various activities of students, lecturers and the general public, supported by a complete and competent organisational structure consisting of the head of the laboratory, quality manager, technical manager and laboratory technician. Fulfilment of equipment’s number, quality and specifications and a complete personnel organisation is intended to meet operational laboratory standards. By 2023, civil engineering laboratories have targeted to obtain accreditation and certification of ISO/IEC 17025.

Civil Engineering Profile Video


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Recruitment and Selection for Laboratory Assistants

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